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Our House



Our House. This title may astonish you. Fact is, the offer here made has come about in this house. When we bought it (in 1993…) lawns, hedges and driveways were meticulously manicured. Today surroundings are wild. Small islands have developed. To sit, think, speak and observe nature.

Our House. What do we do here? What do we offer? Apart from Normandie as such (its landscapes, skies, beaches and impressive cultural heritage) it is the opportunity to learn (in our workshops) to participate in creation. Our program is for all ages. All year round.

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Shaping the future. Digital revolution. Genetic engineering. Environmental modifications. Will they change the need for nourishment, garments, housing and movement? No…! Humans will continue to procreate (couples if not all producing one or more, or many more humans). All humans thus born will depart after some eighty years. World population, in other words, will keep on growing. It will continue to need food, clothes, shelter and activity. No choice in this matter! But lots of choice in just: How? No breathtaking advances of our time will change the basic need for nutrition, dress, accommodation and exercise. They are humanity’s primary issues.

Tiny Houses

Coming soon!


In 2010 I discovered (in La Boulaye) the treasures of nature. Herbs, wild-growing vegetables and fruit everywhere. Information on how to process my findings followed quickly, thanks to the internet. Our home-made products time and again exceed any products on offer commercially. And, finally I have discovered why!


Plant identity resembles corporate identity (in its best sense). Plants speak and, if one speaks to you, all of its kind speak. Love is all they desire. If one goes about harvesting them with devotion, care and love, they will respond likewise, and give their all. Technics to turn them into useful products are easy.


Photo: The Famous Burdock

Home Furnishing

The former Chateau de la Boulaye (now

Our House) provides unexpected challenges. A simple store-bought chair here is a no-go. So we decided to work out our own furniture. And produce it. Tables, lamps, shelfs, desks, chairs and seats of unique design and size (and many of them mobile) have followed. 

Sitting on a movable chair (at a table that fits) is a quality experience. Making such chairs and tables is unique. Manufactured from local materials. Finished by hand with class makes them a matter of personal engagement and lasting joy.


Image: Table/5 (stackable)


Garments made-to-measure, the concept gives rise to two very different thoughts. Noble, costly and far too fancy (1) and home-fabricated, cheap and poorly made (2). The idea here is another. Simple suitable garments, machine-washable, made to fit body, style and situation. 


Key to a wardrobe for all seasons is taking measurements and producing a proper basic pattern for your body. Such is the base for making clothes that become (and please). Made to mix and match. A properly fitted pattern intrinsically has style and beauty. Next comes the choice of fabric (only in the washing machine does it reveal its true nature). Pattern pieces are cut, joined and fine-tuned. And then comes the accurate, detailed, affectionate finishing process.


Photo: Socks After a Long Winter


In 2016, when my project study-horsemanship (1990-2015) came to its conclusion, I had no inkling of the extent to which it would affect succeeding (i.e. current) work. A long standing notion was thus confirmed. Horseback riding has a positive (and lasting) effect on the rider’s body (and his mind). Nothing compares.


Movement(s) as such offers countless options to maintain the body’s soundness.  Some of them have proven to be of particular value here. Everybody should know (and exercise) them for health and comfort. These (and more) we teach in our movement workshops. Close attention is given to proper posture. Image: The Rider's Seat


Thinking of the Tower of Babylon. And how much we suffer from its results to this very day. Disgusted at times with the fact that in town (and more so now, with all the people flowing in from other lands), there is no common language for most of us. This website is in English. How I long for reading it in German. How I wish my French neighbours could read it in their mother tongue.

DeepL tools is doing a great job. But will they be able to overcome the consequences of the Tower of Babylon. If only in writing?

Photo: Biographical Notes