Our House


Our House. This title may astonish you. Fact is, the offer here made

has come about in this house. In 1993 - when we acquired the 

property - lawns, hedges and driveways were meticulously manicured. Today - as a result of climate change - everything is wild. Small islands have developed. To sit, to think, converse and observe nature.

Our House. What do we do here? What do we offer? Apart from Normandie as such (its landscapes, skies, beaches and impressive cultural heritage) it is the opportunity to participate - hence our workshops and practica - in processes of creation and formation.

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Corona has changed things... Here too! 

2020 thoughts and information - formerly found right here and in Info - have evolved into the next, our first trilingual issue entitled 2020,  of the series Minutes. Available as soon as the French edit is done...

We now offer enumerated practica for all who prefer peace and fellowship over wealth and worldly standing. And who see the point, a new world requires new goals and different ways... 





Digital revolution. Genetic engineering. Environmental modifications. Exploring space. Will they change the need for nourishment, clothing, housing and movement? No! Humans will continue to need food, garments, shelter and activity. There is no choice in the matter, only the quality of execution is in question! No breathtaking advance of our time will displace the intrinsic value of nutrition, dress, accommodation and exercise. And hence here first things first.

1. Tiny Houses

Planning and sourcing, workshop set up and weight estimations are in progress...

2. Garments


Garments made-to-measure, this concept gives rise to two very different thoughts. Noble, costly and far too fancy (1) and home-fabricated, cheap and poorly made (2). The idea here is another. Simple suitable garments, machine-washable, made to fit a given body, style and situation. 


Key to a useful wardrobe for all seasons is to take measurements and produce proper basic body patterns for tops and bottoms. Made to mix and match. A pattern measured to the body, without further action, is of style and beauty. Next comes the choice of fabric, which often only in the washing machine reveal its true nature. Pattern pieces are cut, joined and undergo a final fitting. And then begins the accurate, detailed and affectionate finishing process.


Photo: Second Socks After a Long Winter

3. Furniture 

The Chateau de la Boulaye (now Our House) provides unexpected challenges. A simple store-bought chair here is a no-go. We thus finally decided to design our own furniture, and produce it. Tables and chairs, shelfs and desks, lighting systems of unique design and size, and mobile seats  are the result. 


Sitting on a chair that rocks, at a table that corresponds in dimension, is an experience. Making such chairs and tables is unique as well. Manufactured from local materials. Finished by hand with class they are a matter of personal engagement and lasting  joy.


Image: Table/5 (stackable) and the swivel 

4. Plants

In 2010 I discovered in La Boulaye the treasures of nature. Herbs, wild vegetables and fruit everywhere. Thanks to the Internet information regarding plant processing quickly followed. And it turned out, the quality of our home-made products time and again exceed products on offer commercially. I may have discovered why!


Plant identity resembles corporate identity. If one speaks, all of its kind speak. Love is all they desire. Harvesting them with devotion, care and love, they will respond likewise and give their all. Technics to turn them into useful products are easy.


Photo: The Famous Burdock

5. Movement

In 2016, when the study-horsemanship project (1990-2015) came to an end, there was no inkling of the extent to which it would affect succeeding and current work. A long standing notion was thus confirmed: Horseback riding has a lasting effect on the rider’s body and mind. 


Movement as such offers countless opportunities to maintain body health and  soundness. Some movements, however, have proven to be of particular value. Some, that everyone should know and exercise for comfort and well-being. These and more we teach in our movement workshops. Always close attention is given to proper posture.


 Image:The Rider's Seat