The models presented here have proven themselves in Our House. With exceptions, they can be built and finished in three workshop days.

As shown, or in personally adapted dimensions, colouring and finishes. Models are presented by date of first manufacture. Each has for identification a name (plus an additional number for further developments). We are happy to support you in building your own designs and ideas.

The concept of this table also works for chairs of just about any dimension. For chairs back and grips are added. A little play house for children is possible as well, following the same basic concept.

2006...  Side Table


Custom manufactured in 1998, this seat requires more skill than we (at this point) can offer in our workshops. We have begun to change some of the existing models to bright colour upholstery.

1998 The Original Seat

Tables such as these require no special skills or knowledge. The pre-fabricated legs must be pre-ordered. Looking forward to see these table in other dimensions, finishes and with various types of legs. To the right: 150x150 cm 18 mm multiplex and four legs... nothing else added... a marvel... :-)...

1998 The Original Table and a proven variation

This particular standalone works well due to a metal plate, which adds weight and stability. Looking forward to modifications and entirely new ideas for small standalones. A useful piece of furniture indeed. 

2005 Standalone/1 a

Designed for sitting, this small chair is also a practical standalone. Above all, because it can be aligned up as shown. The chair was made for Our House. We are looking forward to a model that can be handcrafted in a three-day workshop.

2006  Chair/1

No, these tables do not in fact walk. But, they do appear as if tip-toeing across the carpet. Four of these tall standalone tables support the work top in our sewing room. They provide storage (and temporary space) for a multitude of sewing stuff.

Walking Standalone/1


The upholstery for this Rocker/1 a is done by a master craftsman in Bayeux. Materials are chosen  from a wide selection of beautiful fabrics. Our own upholstery shop is in progress.

Rocker 1/ a

We got on well with this prototype. But (so it turned out) it provides no protection for little (or big) fingers. So we abandoned it, even if sitting in it is perfect. A few weeks later a new model came to mind, and it (surprisingly) presents none of the problems we were battling here. Presented here soon...

And one of two little corner tables in the same room...

Standing Rocker (prototype)

Leg room was the challenge of this table. The legs we ordered from a French company via Etsy. The top comes in two parts for easy replacement. This sort of table can be built for virtually all situations and places in just any type of make.

Table/3 a

This table, which also is a shelf, now in the home office (two flat drawers and a stabiliser added), greatly assists the daily workflow. It is yet one more model, which can be modified for all needs,

places and situations. Free standing or not.

The Shelf Desk

Table/1 comes in a variety of concepts, with straight of curved horizontal stabilisers, one or two drawers, opening to one or both sides, with metal or wooden legs of sorts. formerly an  ugly ducking this table has advanced to the most widely used table in Our Houses

Table/1 b

These little rockers quickly are gaining star status. So comfortable,

and just such fun. The 3 b version (here in orange is slightly slimmer

and yet no less safe. 

Rocker/3 a and Table/4

You may think this seat is not safe. And that is what we thought. But (as it turned out), this little chair in fact is entirely stable and quite comfortable. When you stand up, the seat folds back, and as a result, the piece  is small enough to fit under a table. Amazing! 

Standing Rocker/2 a

The need remains, but the brilliant idea for it is still missing. A monitor at eye level (eye to eye so to speak) seated or standing up. Structurally it can not be anything other than a type of box or frame, which when out of use houses the screen. And when in use provides a surface at eye level that will not tip over. Easier said then done, if you insist on harmony and good looks. Stable but not heavy. Attractive yet modest, a-go-along for traditional and modern furniture. Reasonably easy to build and to pay for. With just the right kind of finish, colour or hue. 

May be the idea of a box or frame blocks the right idea. What else may be available and fit the purpose? A sort of grid, a basket weave... ? Plexi glass,

a cage of sorts...

Rocker/4 and Chair/2 and Table/5, in their original setting.