Land  and  Food

High quality compost... no till agriculture... the creation of

micro-climates for growth and well being... Fostering micro-biology... adding the power of healing herbs to heal the land... Production of healthy, tasty, fully organic fruit and vegetable... All this is possible on our land.


If you would like to live in a tiny house... pay to own it... 

doing this sort of work, please get in touch.

You will enjoy all else that is going on here.... 


Looking forward to meet with a mind and a heart for the land and

all that grows on it...


Also in the City Land and Food Matter...!


To implement this concept in cities as well, one should bear in mind that under every street there is land whose soil life can be awakened. So why not turn every single road, which is dispensable to through traffic, into bicycle paths and footpaths, vegetable and flower beds, plant trees, set up benches and create small animal enclosures.


Why not do communal horticulture, concentrate on workshops and production on site? Use the contents of sawdust toilets to fertilize the beds, filter the rainwater. Due to upright wind turbines and solar panels on the roofs, power a minimum of electrical appliances, keep laptops running and provide for artificial light.


Living and working locally, walking or using your own strength for displacements and using municipal transport for longer distances is good for health of each individual and the planet. Leadership functions in the neighbourhoods and the training of young people can benefit the community.


People dependent on food. Not only in the countryside, also in the city, the soil is central. It calls for minimum transport. At the center of attention will be plant and soil life due and active substances such as leaves, dung and manure, left-overs from processing and organic kitchen waste


It remains to be seen when and how these easy to implement changes will take effect. Also in the City Land and Food Matters...!

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The Table

Nothing stands alone. Junctions, mergers, fusions - transitions are omnipresent. Buildings house culture. Garments clothe humans. Gardeners draw food from the soil. Presenting the table... between food and people…