There are no limits to the choice of surface finishes. Colour. Touch. Look. In gloss, satin or mat... all is at fingertips. Plus, the treatment of edges may make a big difference. As will the juxtaposition of options. Only sandpaper and a brush are required to work up a storm of expression and sensations.

Before finish comes proper size. Actually, choice of size and material comes right after the decision, which piece to build.


​Here an illustration of options. Rocker/3.a. is built from 18mm multiplex (old birch). Base height is 47cm. Add 2.5cm seat core plus upholstery. Makes a chair above the targeted 50cm. Taking off 15mm has brought the cut outs for handling closer to the seat. Good! Add 2.5 (plus a slightly thicker padding) and you have a have a chair 50cm height. Which works with  table height 70.5cm. 


Following decisions are pending. (1) Shorten the back, so the chair can be pushed under the table? (2) Use 18mm or 22mm for the base. Use multiplex or locally available plywood? (3) Stay with straight lines as we have done, or modulate the shapes, or add decorative elements. The latter will produce the same seat structurally, but make for an entirely different look and style. Okay! And only then comes the finish (i.e. colour, touch and make water resistance or simply wax.

And one more thing: B. has considerably smaller flares.

It's extremely interesting how much these experiments on the iPad resemble working with pigments. It is a matter of coming to terms with what a pigment or a shade selected for the iPad can do. Also interesting how the human mind tends towards the radiant power of light. With all the back and forth, the little apple has become radiant again.


Next, I'll imagine the apple in the shade. Let's see what the result will be... A good preparation to develop muted tones for our furniture production, which can be combined with or replaced by radiant colours at any time if desired and required.

Okay, the tone down did work. Not quite sure what happened though. A lot of layering of all too bright complimentary colours.. I guess highlights are due, even for the deep shade... Must do another test...