The following models were designed and made by hand for Our House, always keeping economy of means, maximum usefulness and good looks in mind. Pieces shown can be built and finished in three workshop days. Dimensions, colours and surfaces can be adapted to suite any public space, home and or personal taste.


This rocker was the first mobile seat for Our House. Unlike later models it is recommended for tall people only.

Rocker 1/ a


Leg room was the challenge of this table. Legs come from a French manufacturer via Etsy. The top, for easy replacement, is in two parts. This sort of table can be made to fit virtually all situations, any place, in just about every style.

Table/3 a


This is a desk and a shelf, which can be modified for all needs, places and situations. Free standing or not.

The Shelf Desk


Table/1 comes in a variety of concepts. With straight or curved horizontal stabilisers, one or two drawers, opening to one or both sides. With metal or wooden legs. Formerly the ugly  duckling of Our House it has advanced to be its most widely used table. Adjust length, width

and or height and make it your favourite table. 

Table/1 b


A most comfortable, safe and somewhat luxurious  two-way rocker


One may think this seat is not safe.  But (as it turned out), this little chair is in fact entirely stable and quite comfortable. Upon standing up, the seat folds

back and the chair fits under the table.


NEW... A table for all purposes. One... play games and or drink tea. Two... have a meal. Three... tables can be added to any length as long as tops are rectanglar... Four... tops can be any shape, color and look you may enjoy and desire.... Legs are removable.



Both chairs work well with table/5.

One rocks, the other provides stable support...