The owners of Our House moved to Normandie in the early 1990s.
In 2020 they finalised the dream to open a guesthouse in La Boulaye
The Team



It will be our pleasure to present the team, which - with skill and initiative -

throughout the year upholds and supports place and projects of Our House. 


Maintenance, repairs and renovation occur regularly. As does the making

of firewood. Hedges are cut back and trees tailored only if telephone lines are at risk, although there are plans to do some head trees.


Brambles provide shelter and have increased the number of wild life on the land. Blackberries do make for tasty teas, delicious marmalades and a refreshing lemonade. The growth of brambles, however,  must and will be constrained. Lawns are clipped and in the summer and foot paths cleared regularly. 



Our Land

On the way to Les Rochers

Secret Taboo and Pepita...

The giant sycamore

The entrance to the park

A field called The Cross


A field of Yarrow