Our House


Our House. This title may astonish you. Fact is, the offer here made

has come about in this house. In 1993 - when we acquired it - lawns, hedges and driveways were meticulously manicured. Today - as a result of climate change - everything is wild. Small islands have developed. To sit, to think, converse and observe nature.

Our House. What do we do here? What do we offer? Apart from Normandie as such (its landscapes, skies, beaches and impressive cultural heritage) we offer time and activity on the land, in the forest and in the workshops. And as of late, we have a guest house...





Digital revolution. Genetic engineering. Environmental modifications. Exploring space. Technology, industry and chemistry. Will they change the need for nourishment, clothing, housing and movement? No! Humans will continue to eat, dress, shelter and move about. There is no choice in the matter, only in how. No breath taking advances of our time will displace the intrinsic value of nutrition, dress, accommodation and exercise. And hence here first things first.

1. The First Tiny House

... work is just beginning...!

2. Garments
3. Furniture 
4. Plants
5. Movement