On the Subject of Art. 


Only humans make art. Only they are able to produce from a multitude of experiences, thoughts and ideas that which humanity perceive as art. What is art? It is a spiritual momentum communicated through material, movement, music or text? Its quality arising from a mastery of matter and the excellence of a human mind?

To be art, art must have form, movement, colour, sound and/or text, produced by all sorts of processes, materials and /or makes. To be art, art must be perceptible. It must be permanent, it can't be fleeting. Hence we speak of works of art. Which refers to a material object, a sound carrier, a performance and/or a text, which can be shared, discussed, published and sold.

And here the information about art ends. Its value has to do with individual perception (art is created in the eye of the beholder, some say...). Often group consensus plays a role. What some experts consider art may be nonsense for many others.


If, on the other hand, we look at primeval creation, a world full of forms and appearances, and the stars above, we are deeply impressed. The term art does not arise. We look at something of a different category. Something that lives. Astonished we recognise diversity, constant change and development. And then the question arises, who came up with this? Who maintains and constantly develops it further?