Soil - plants - food...

High quality compost... no till agriculture... the creation of

micro-climates for growth and well being... Fostering micro-biology... adding the power of healing herbs to heal the land... Production of healthy, tasty, fully organic fruit and vegetable... All this is possible in La Boulaye and on its land.



Also in the City: Soil, Plants and Food are Key...!


Soil is under every street. Soil can be awakened. So why not turn roads into paths, and plant gardens. Why not plant trees and set up benches. What not create small animal enclosures.


Why not do communal horticulture, concentrate on workshops and

do on site production? Use sawdust toilets to fertilise gardens. Filter rainwater. Put vertical wind turbines on the roofs, and solar panels. Use a minimum of electrical appliances. Keep laptops running. Provide light.


Live and work locally. Walk, bike and using your own strength for displacements. Use municipal transport for longer distances. Engage in community life.


People dependent on food. Hence soil is central. It remains to be seen when and how these changes will take effect. Also in the city soil, plants and food are key...!

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