1. An Unusual Burn and a Small Plant

Now, who would expect to be burned by a bandage wrap? More precisely, by a liquid leaking from a medical tape designed for sensitive skin. It happened before my very eyes. I had to be quick to realise what exactly was going on, as a deep hole in my skin occurred. My first thought “cancer causing…”. My intuition, “treat with lemon…”.

Two days later, no change. The same crust, surrounded by a bright red ring of inflammation. Very different from your normal cuts and bruises.

I enter “chemical burn…” and “healing plant…” and received the information “Aloe Vera…”. Off to the garden center. For all of € 3,85 the purchase of a little Aloe Vera plant, itself a bit bruises.

Today, a week later, the crust is half the size, the hole is half the depth. It is surrounded by a pale pink corona… Happy!


Text done! My mate’s approval obtained! In the process of filing, the text disappears from the screen. Under various search words I briefly can see it, before it disappears again. Hhm… probably should not have named the products trade name…!…? But, what is going on…? Big business protecting its interests…? Question. Which governmental bodies in which countries do sustain such withholding of vital information and the roaming of personal computers? Sorry, wish this post scriptum did not happen…