Just a day in November...

Trump or Biden? Who cares. Life happens here. The morning beckons! Bright sunshine. Time to feed hay to a group of horses in the paddock. Fields too rich in November? To date unheard of!

Time to collect kitchen cooking apples. In the deep gras under the tree they ripen slowly and there will stay well until the end of the winter. From another tree we harvest an abundance of apples for the horses. Walking in the deep gras under a group of new red oaks we approach the fence. The boys notice us, and half cautious, half eager come to greet us. And - oh, so good, these fresh apples!

Time to move chairs and discuss the future gardening center. Time to pick up the roll of corrugated board, which finally has arrived. Putting it on a wheel barrel, we barely manage to bring it to the garden center. There I plan to cut it up, stack the sheets, somehow unite them and turn them into a useful tiny house mattress. Found out, in Normandy they call tiny houses on wheels “roulette en bois…” :-) So French…!

Time to clean entrance and driveway. Time to do laundry, to iron a linen table cloth, with just the right amount of humidity to make it nice and flat. Looks like the wool cycle on our washing machine may no longer work…Time to do the dishes.

News of the day: A valve on our work horse just broke. A check went to the wrong recipient and will be returned. Hemp fabric samples arrived. The Paypal problem persists. On to lunch and preparing a pudding, baking tea time goods. Today all in the bright light of an absolutely gorgeous Indian summer day. Time for our daily walk well before the day ends.

We take kitchen compost and bring to the big pile, made of horse droppings, wood chips and gras clipping. For composting those clipping are a disaster. A few black sheep type "Heideschnucken", grazing under the before mentioned red oaks, may eliminate the need to mow the gras right in front of Our House and provide black sheep wool on the side. Must figure out how to get up early and enjoy the sun as it rises in the morning.

From the walk we return with rose hips, fresh yarrow and medlars.

The first tiny house garden in La Boulaye