g. Home-steading in La Boulaye...

For all who are following the construction of our first tiny house, here are our plans...


The S.C.E.A. La Boulaye in Cerisy-la-Forêt, France offers participation in the program “Come Home” to those who wish to gain experience with a new life-style

for post-petrol, post big industry, post big bank times.


Building a tiny house costs € 30.000,- or more. Half in materials, half in labor.

In other words, those who want to build their own tiny house need to bring along

€ 15.000, plus six months time, corresponding skills and their own tools. Undercover workspaces and places for tents can be rented. Leasing one of our tiny houses and its garden will cost € 450.- per month. Tiny houses are available at a first come first serve basis.

The “Come Home” program welcomes people of all ages who have a commitment

to the land, to fellow participants, to mutual support and an attitude of care. Equality and moderation are key. Responsible productivity must be a given. Each in his/her tiny house and garden.

Participation in the “Come Home” program and living in a tiny house on La Boulaye land requires the commitment to plant a garden and live from it. The S.C.E.A. will set up fences and plant trees, shrubs and berries. Gardening compost is available in abundance.

Moving On

“Come Home", the La Boulaye home-steading program, takes place on rented land. Participants’ leases of land will contribute to annual real estate taxes. At the end of

a term in the “Come Home” program participants may offer their tiny house to the next participant for rent or for purchase. They may offer their tiny house on the open market, or simply take it along. Fences, trees, shrubs and bushes will remain S.C.E.A. La Boulaye property.

If you are interested please contact us. Sign up for Mai 2021 is beginning now. Six of seven spaces for tiny houses- each with a garden - on a total of 50 ha land - are available.

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