... what I feel !

So sad to see those text blurbs go. Were they not key, and do they not remain so?

The love for plants and their processing. Enjoyment of herbal products, home-made healing creams and cosmetics. The excitement, ...the challenge of design. Tackling dimensions, materials, do-abilities. The pride of having done it, of having been worthy of His help. Movement, the expression of life itself. Garments, unavoidable necessity, and how to make them.

Almost as sad as seeing the old Mirabelle tree go. Yes, it was malplaced in the paddock and the horses got to it. But was it not there long before the horses arrived? Producing faithfully abundances of fruit, the base of countless bottles filled with exceedingly tasty and very health fruit juice. How I now wish I never had made the decision to take it down.

What else do I feel? Not much, when it comes to the new link list xxx. Yes, glad to be informed ! But what does it have to do with life itself? What's more, with being alive beyond the limitation of life on this planet. Will we not all die? Will not in some twenty (or thirty or forty) years not much of present states remain. Not because of the Corona-Virus, the death of capitalism or the failure of democracy. Nor because of the climate crisis and the planet's intoxication. No, because this is how life is set up.

We arrive on planet Earth as infants, with no idea where we came from and where we will go. We have a life time to figure it out.