Your opinion...

… my opinion, both arise from the inner-most being. Yours or mine. Should there be freedom of opinion? Most certainly! Would you want to know anything but the other’s true thoughts and feelings. Would you want to express anything but what you yourself truly think and feel. Freedom of expression is a precious gift we give one another.

Freedom of opinion. Is it a quick word, not much more than the expression of a momentary emotion? Worse, is it an unreflected repeat? Or is it the result of informed considerations? What does Macron mean, when he calls freedom of speech that which defines the nation.

Freedom of speech, yes ! But what if it offends the other? Life teaches us to hold back at times. Tone plays a role. Is it loving, prepared to talk things over, appeasing, ready to convince or compromise? Or is it harsh, bossy and know-it-all? Tone for better or worse will impact the other.

Freedom of opinion! Of course. But why insist? Why risk enmity? Why repeat that which was perceived an offence in the first place? Will understanding and respecting the other’s opinion cancel your freedom of speech? Or moderate it.

Love this moment. A field of horses in the quickly changing light of a mid- October day in France.