The 2020 work shop program begins with the following offer...

... build a chair, table or shelf...

... begin with a sets-set (a groups of plywood table

sets) to learn control pigments, varnishes and oils

... upholster a chair

... design, construct and prepare the installation of

a lighting system

... create a lamp shade, using dried leaves and or flowers

... sew up table wear, pillow covers and herbal pillows

... collect wild herbs, dry them and start infused oils

... from infused oils, fresh herbs and bees wax make

cosmetic or medicinal salves and ointments

... knit a scarf or sweater... crochet pot holders

... and... and... and...


For these independent projects please bring your own

tools and materials and book a workshop table in advance.

A tea time at 5:30 p.m. will provide for fellowship, sharing, advice and problem solving... Book here...

Our workshops are for everyone. They offer the opportunity to create

a workpiece and finish it. Workshops usually last three days. Arrival Tuesday afternoon, departure Saturday morning. 


Lodging and meals are provided. Prices are inclusive. Please open the link

below for general information and contact us for further details at....



While we are preparing Our House for the reception of guests, prototypes, their realisation and interior decoration are developing hand in hand. Always with an eye

on economical means, maximum utility and good looks. 


In the course of this work, other topics worth a workshop have piped up. Like introduction to non-industrial agriculture. Creating your own website. Learning French. Breathing for a fully functional and painfree tensegrity. The production of herbal ointments and lotions. And 3D printing.