Workshops are for you. Provided so you can learn how to do a piece, and have enough time to finish it. Workshops normally are scheduled  for three days: Arrive Tuesday evening, leave Saturday morning. 

Room and board is provided. Prices are all inclusive. Please see details and calendar, or contact us at...


Preparing Our House for guests and making new prototypes goes hand in hand. That is, while rooms and common spaces are completed, new furniture models come about. Always keeping economy of means, maximum usefulness and good looks in mind.

And, while we work away, additional themes (for workshops, meetings or talks) are coming about. Most prominently the need to speak about techniques in non-industrial-agriculture. How to set up a website, breathe for maximum energy and a healthy, pain-free body and how to do an herbal ointment, are themes of no less relevance.


Not quite sure yet, what to do with a multitude of themes worth a workshop, meeting or talk. Details will be forthcoming... 


For all who sit (hours on end) before a screen to work away on whatever tasks, here the first sketch for furniture, which may make life a lot easier. Rocker/3. 

Plus a desk of three levels, which permit to set up an additional monitor on eye sight, while using your standard laptop. Added are a drawer for additional gadgets and sockets for charging. Additional desk top space (which opens laterally) allow to spread papers and stuff.


This desk is designed to be finished during a three day workshop (cut shapes, join and finish them).