About Us


Have you ever met people with ideas and the means to implement them? With convictions, which may not be violated. With a heart big enough to hug the world? Well, we are a part of them. And come to think of it, you

may be part of them as well.


Consequently...! Our House invites you to come and share. We do not sell anything. We do not wish to educate anyone. We do not suggest you join a group. Our House is a place to learn, experiment and create.

At your own rate, in keeping with your own interests. Our interests are as stated: Nutrition, dress, habitation and movement. In other words, we are not about technology. We are all about nature. About how to live and get

on on the land.


If any of this interests you, you may want to scan menu points 1 - 5 and

see how Christine has gotten on. You may want to order one of her little books and read about just how her convictions have come about. 

You may want to come up with your own to-do-here-project, and discuss details and do-ability with us. And last not least, you may simply want to book a room (or apartment) in the guest house for a time of rest and relaxation. Rates and availabilities you find here. Guests’ responses of our first season 2020 are available on Booking.com and HomeExchange.com. They may encourage you.


What else can I say? We look forward to welcome you in Our House La Boulaye. We are prepared to support you and the projects you may want to realise here. We are happy to share life out here. Surrounded by nature. In the great outdoors. In generous spaces. For work or leisure.